Turkish Bath in Turkey

On one of the days in Turkey, me and my grandmother decided to go and get a Turkish Bath. I didn’t even know what one was before and I’m sure she didn’t either. A minivan came and picked us up and our hotel and took us to a spa located next to a beautiful mosque.

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We went in and sat in a waiting area for a small amount of time then we were led to a changing room and told to change into our swimming costumes. After being changed we were led to some showers where we showered and were led into a small heated Turkish bathroom where we were lathered with foam.

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We then showered again and were led to another room where we received a massage. I was only about 15 and I remember that the massage was so ticklish and I was laughing throughout. My grandmother pretty much fell asleep. The masseur was very patient and expressed no signs of annoyance at my constant laughter and movement. The whole experience lasted a total of 2 hours at most since it was a long time ago some details may have evaded me. But it was lovely and I would jump at the opportunity to do a Turkish bath again.

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Shaneka Knight


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Hotel Review: Julian Club Hotel, Marmaris

A charity was kind enough to gift this holiday to my family, as a present for the caring role my grandmother had to take on once my mother died. We didn’t get to choose the time of year we went, and it ended up being in term time in October. This did not make me mad, I got to miss school for a holiday? Yaaaasssss. When we arrived in Turkey I had no idea what to expect, at 15 I wasn’t the most clued up on current events so I didn’t think Turkey was dangerous, it’s fair to say I viewed the country as no different from France or Spain. Continue reading “Hotel Review: Julian Club Hotel, Marmaris”