First Trip to the Netherlands

This trip took place in July 2014. On our first trip to the Netherlands, we flew in from Germany after having spent some time in Berlin. When we emerged into Amsterdam Schipol it was a bustling modern airport in comparison to Berlin Schönefeld Airport which we had flown out of. We got a train to our hotel The Student Hotel which we have a review of.

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Accommodation Review: Riad Alkaderi, Morroco

After spending our first night in Morroco at By Hotel, Laurie and I then moved onto Riad Alkaderi located in the middle of the medina. A young man directed us to the Riad, and we had to knock and ring the bell a few times before we gained access to the Riad. When we entered a young man directed us to a seating area where we were served tea and given snacks. I asked during this time if I should pay and was told no that we pay at the end of our trip.

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Hotel Review: By Hotel, Morroco

When we pulled up at the By Hotel, it was on a back street with building works taking place on the building next to it. There is a metal detector placed at the entrance so when you walk in or out it goes off like you’ve stolen from a shop. The reception desk is on the right once you walk in, Laurie and I checked in easily and then we went up to our room. Continue reading “Hotel Review: By Hotel, Morroco”

Things to be aware of when travelling to Marrakechs’ Medina

Laurie and I recently got back from Marrakech, Morroco, and whilst it was a lovely trip I just wish there were a few things people would have made us aware of when travelling to the Medina. Please don’t let any of these things scare you away, even if we were scammed a few times I would still go back in a heartbeat.

  1. Beggar children in the Medinachild-beggars-on-road

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Food in Berlin – Divan Divan Restaurant Review

Had two amazing meals in Berlin at this restaurant right across the road from our hotel it was called  Divan Divan and was my closest to Authentic German food probably not but was a lovely time with great service and great portion sized for under 10 Euros!!!

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I didn’t get into the Vatican City


Rome was the first city in Laurie and I’s Eurotour2k14, and it is something I do not regret. We had been in Rome for a couple of days before we decided to venture to the Vatican City. Being the middle of summer it was extremely warm so we decided to walk rather than get public transportation or a taxi. The roads and backstreets were beautiful and we managed to come across the Tiber river. I do regret not walking along the river bank. Continue reading “I didn’t get into the Vatican City”