How I’ve ended up deciding to go to Kazakhstan

Greg next to me in Yerevan Airport

Since September 2016 I have been meaning to go and meet up with my friend Greg in Belgium. But I haven’t been able to make it yet since the final year of university has been so busy and full on, that a trip to Brussels just wasn’t feasible. But Greg is ultra understanding and was still interested in booking a holiday with me, we met last summer in Armenia and wanted to try another country which had experienced communist rule; Kazakhstan. he’s already booked his ticket so all that’s needed is for me to book mine. We’re going from the 21st of July to the 1st of August, and I can’t wait to step foot into the dictatorship. I’ve already looked at tickets and the cheapest ones force me to stop in either Minsk, Belarus or Moscow, Russia, so I also get to explore the airports in these two countries which actually scare me! I’m leaning more towards Minsk, Belarus because I have quite a few Belarusian friends.

If you haven’t already check out this Ben Zand BBC Three dictatorland documentary on Kazakhstan:

Shaneka Knight


Laurie is ill :(

13975_10203202667280779_2782496676660889211_nApologies that there have been no updates for a while! Sadly we won’t be hearing from Laurie for a while because she is ill but I have seen her and I know that she wants me to continue with the blog so that when she is better she can return to an even better blog!

So I will be the best friend that I am and will continue on with our amazing travel blog. In better news on Wednesday, I will be flying to Norway and turns out I will also be going to Kazakstan this summer so there are many interesting stories in store.



Hotel Review: By Hotel, Morroco

When we pulled up at the By Hotel, it was on a back street with building works taking place on the building next to it. There is a metal detector placed at the entrance so when you walk in or out it goes off like you’ve stolen from a shop. The reception desk is on the right once you walk in, Laurie and I checked in easily and then we went up to our room. Continue reading “Hotel Review: By Hotel, Morroco”

Things to be aware of when travelling to Marrakechs’ Medina

Laurie and I recently got back from Marrakech, Morroco, and whilst it was a lovely trip I just wish there were a few things people would have made us aware of when travelling to the Medina. Please don’t let any of these things scare you away, even if we were scammed a few times I would still go back in a heartbeat.

  1. Beggar children in the Medinachild-beggars-on-road

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Why did we start this blog?

From the second destination, Laurie and I went to we knew we wanted to start a travel blog. That was a few years ago and finally, we have decided to buckle up and get the blog on the way. Hopefully, all the posts are intriguing and manage to captivate those interested in our travels.

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