First Trip to the Netherlands

This trip took place in July 2014. On our first trip to the Netherlands, we flew in from Germany after having spent some time in Berlin. When we emerged into Amsterdam Schipol it was a bustling modern airport in comparison to Berlin Schönefeld Airport which we had flown out of. We got a train to our hotel The Student Hotel which we have a review of.

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Hotel Review: The Student Hotel, Amsterdam.


When Laurie and I arrived in Amsterdam flying in from Berlin we instantly just wanted to drop off our bags and go and explore this beautiful city. We attempted to walk to our hotel (it wasn’t supposed to be far away) but when this proved too difficult we just jumped on the Metro. When we walked in it seemed that the buildings were well positioned with the reception/restaurants located in the centre. We initially had issues with the receptionist but eventually, this was sorted and we were left to find out room.

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