Accommodation Review: Riad Alkaderi, Morroco

After spending our first night in Morroco at By Hotel, Laurie and I then moved onto Riad Alkaderi located in the middle of the medina. A young man directed us to the Riad, and we had to knock and ring the bell a few times before we gained access to the Riad. When we entered a young man directed us to a seating area where we were served tea and given snacks. I asked during this time if I should pay and was told no that we pay at the end of our trip.

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Hotel Review: By Hotel, Morroco

When we pulled up at the By Hotel, it was on a back street with building works taking place on the building next to it. There is a metal detector placed at the entrance so when you walk in or out it goes off like you’ve stolen from a shop. The reception desk is on the right once you walk in, Laurie and I checked in easily and then we went up to our room. Continue reading “Hotel Review: By Hotel, Morroco”

Things to be aware of when travelling to Marrakechs’ Medina

Laurie and I recently got back from Marrakech, Morroco, and whilst it was a lovely trip I just wish there were a few things people would have made us aware of when travelling to the Medina. Please don’t let any of these things scare you away, even if we were scammed a few times I would still go back in a heartbeat.

  1. Beggar children in the Medinachild-beggars-on-road

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Where will I travel in 2017?

I’m extremely excited to travel this year, I feel that I always come back refreshed with my mind in better focus. Below are the 7 destinations I plan to explore in 2017, if this all works out it would be a great year!

1)      Marrakech, Morocco

A metropolitan city in the Kingdom of Morocco, this will be my first taste of Africa. I had initially wanted to go to Egypt but somehow got drawn to Marrakech, I don’t know how this happened but it may have something to do with the stability of Morocco. This is the holiday I treated Laurie to for her birthday. We’re going to get Hamman, ride camels, see the gardens, and of course, explore the medina.


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