Hotel Review: By Hotel, Morroco

When we pulled up at the By Hotel, it was on a back street with building works taking place on the building next to it. There is a metal detector placed at the entrance so when you walk in or out it goes off like you’ve stolen from a shop. The reception desk is on the right once you walk in, Laurie and I checked in easily and then we went up to our room. Continue reading “Hotel Review: By Hotel, Morroco”

Hotel Review: Julian Club Hotel, Marmaris

A charity was kind enough to gift this holiday to my family, as a present for the caring role my grandmother had to take on once my mother died. We didn’t get to choose the time of year we went, and it ended up being in term time in October. This did not make me mad, I got to miss school for a holiday? Yaaaasssss. When we arrived in Turkey I had no idea what to expect, at 15 I wasn’t the most clued up on current events so I didn’t think Turkey was dangerous, it’s fair to say I viewed the country as no different from France or Spain. Continue reading “Hotel Review: Julian Club Hotel, Marmaris”

Hotel Review – Hotel Casa 400 – Amsterdam

Shaneka and myself visited this hotel on our second trip to Amsterdam which I speak about in my Article – ‘6 Travelling Lessons Learned- Winter in Amsterdam’.

Super Nice for a Good Price 

After our experiences with the Student Hotel in Amsterdam we were apprehensive about what the cheap price of £123pp for 3 nights booking would get us, another seemingly clean and glossy hotel that ended up smelling like a farm – or would our research pay off?

First impressions were good! It was only  a short walk from Amstel Station Beneden – which is great in the cold when you have luggage! We had a tiny struggle to find the entrance but one we were in it was lovely. The staff were warm and personable and finding the room was not too difficult as there was a code for floor and area of the hotel because it is quite huge.

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Hotel Review: Kaos Hotel Apartments, Ayia Napa


This was the first hotel that Laurie and I ever booked together, and we weren’t alone. Eleven of us girls went on a group holiday to Ayia Napa, and this is honestly where it all started. We got lucky with this hotel. The other girls stayed in River Reggae, a hotel which had a club attached that opened at 4 am. But I’ll save that for another review. Laurie and I wanted to stay in a hotel which didn’t have reviews saying you could get Chlamydia in the pool.

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Hotel Review: Grosvernor House Suites, Mayfair.

Last Valentine’s day I had the luxury of being treated to a dinner at The Gilbert Scott first, followed by a stay at the Grosvenor House Suites, a luxury hotel in Mayfair. Like the Student Hotel Amsterdam, you can also live in this hotel but that wouldn’t be so friendly to the average bank account.


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Hotel Review: The Student Hotel, Amsterdam.


When Laurie and I arrived in Amsterdam flying in from Berlin we instantly just wanted to drop off our bags and go and explore this beautiful city. We attempted to walk to our hotel (it wasn’t supposed to be far away) but when this proved too difficult we just jumped on the Metro. When we walked in it seemed that the buildings were well positioned with the reception/restaurants located in the centre. We initially had issues with the receptionist but eventually, this was sorted and we were left to find out room.

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Hotel Review – Zenji Hotel – Zanzibar


I was lucky enough to travel to Zanzibar when I was 14 with my Local youth work organisation. We were working with a school in Tanzania but on one of our free weekends we travelled to its neighbouring principality to explore. Now 21, my memories of Zanzibar have a lot more fuzz around the edges than makes for good travel blogging, however it should be noted that despite my trip being seven years ago Zanzibar has since remained one of my favourites and remained unbeaten on the top spot most visually beautiful places I have ever visited.(The top picture is your view from the beach facing balcony)

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