Laurie is ill :(

13975_10203202667280779_2782496676660889211_nApologies that there have been no updates for a while! Sadly we won’t be hearing from Laurie for a while because she is ill but I have seen her and I know that she wants me to continue with the blog so that when she is better she can return to an even better blog!

So I will be the best friend that I am and will continue on with our amazing travel blog. In better news on Wednesday, I will be flying to Norway and turns out I will also be going to Kazakstan this summer so there are many interesting stories in store.



Food in Berlin – Divan Divan Restaurant Review

Had two amazing meals in Berlin at this restaurant right across the road from our hotel it was called  Divan Divan and was my closest to Authentic German food probably not but was a lovely time with great service and great portion sized for under 10 Euros!!!

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Why did we start this blog?

From the second destination, Laurie and I went to we knew we wanted to start a travel blog. That was a few years ago and finally, we have decided to buckle up and get the blog on the way. Hopefully, all the posts are intriguing and manage to captivate those interested in our travels.

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