Places to Visit in the UK other than London

London, being the capital city, is obviously a popular location in the UK but there are many other gorgeous locations which are worth a visit. Other than being amazing locations in themselves these locations also provide a cheaper alternative to London, and many are much less busy. In alphabetical order, the list is not in order of preference.


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Hotel Review: Grosvernor House Suites, Mayfair.

Last Valentine’s day I had the luxury of being treated to a dinner at The Gilbert Scott first, followed by a stay at the Grosvenor House Suites, a luxury hotel in Mayfair. Like the Student Hotel Amsterdam, you can also live in this hotel but that wouldn’t be so friendly to the average bank account.


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North London’s hidden Countryside


The UK is world renowned for its beautiful landscapes and captivating countryside. It’s capital London known for its evolving blend of history and modernity. These 4 locations offer you the chance to escape the rush of the modern, step back in time and enjoy some of what North London’s hidden countryside has to offer…for free.

Alexandra Palace and Park 


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7 Places To Visit To Get Off The Beaten Track In London.

London is one of the most popular cities in the world and has much to offer in regards to interesting days out. This list of locations is for those who want to venture away from the most popular landmarks to more thought provoking locations.


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