Laurie is ill :(


Apologies that there have been no updates for a while! Sadly we won’t be hearing from Laurie for a while because she is ill but I have seen her and I know that she wants me to continue with the blog so that when she is better she can return to an even better blog!

So I will be the best friend that I am and will continue on with our amazing travel blog. In better news on Wednesday, I will be flying to Norway and turns out I will also be going to Kazakstan this summer so there are many interesting stories in store.




When life gives you lemons make Lemonade

I haven’t even completed my destinations for 2017, but I am already thinking about where I will travel and what I will do after that. I have decided once I complete all of the destinations outlined in this post ‘Where will I travel in 2017?‘. that I will take on a challenge which I have named ‘Touching on Europe’. The point of the challenge is to allow me to touch on all the countries of Europe before deciding which ones I want to see more in depth, for example  I already know I want to travel throughout all of Italy just from seeing Rome. The aim will be to travel to one city or town for a few days, then deciding whether I want to see that country more in depth in the upcoming years. Continue reading “NEXT TRAVEL CHALLENGE”

Where I’m Travelling this April

This March/ April  I am excited to say I will travelling to 4 different countries in 2 different continents. As someone who loves to travel, I am excited beyond belief and exceedingly privileged for these opportunities. Alongside that, however, I feel apprehension at the exhausting amount of movement in such a short time and also really proud of the role I played in getting those opportunities. Continue reading “Where I’m Travelling this April”

Hotel Review – Hotel Casa 400 – Amsterdam

Shaneka and myself visited this hotel on our second trip to Amsterdam which I speak about in my Article – ‘6 Travelling Lessons Learned- Winter in Amsterdam’.

Super Nice for a Good Price 

After our experiences with the Student Hotel in Amsterdam we were apprehensive about what the cheap price of £123pp for 3 nights booking would get us, another seemingly clean and glossy hotel that ended up smelling like a farm – or would our research pay off?

First impressions were good! It was only  a short walk from Amstel Station Beneden – which is great in the cold when you have luggage! We had a tiny struggle to find the entrance but one we were in it was lovely. The staff were warm and personable and finding the room was not too difficult as there was a code for floor and area of the hotel because it is quite huge.

hotelcasa1 Continue reading “Hotel Review – Hotel Casa 400 – Amsterdam”

Places to Visit in the UK other than London

London, being the capital city, is obviously a popular location in the UK but there are many other gorgeous locations which are worth a visit. Other than being amazing locations in themselves these locations also provide a cheaper alternative to London, and many are much less busy. In alphabetical order, the list is not in order of preference.


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