Things to be aware of when travelling to Marrakechs’ Medina

Laurie and I recently got back from Marrakech, Morroco, and whilst it was a lovely trip I just wish there were a few things people would have made us aware of when travelling to the Medina. Please don’t let any of these things scare you away, even if we were scammed a few times I would still go back in a heartbeat.

  1. Beggar children in the Medinachild-beggars-on-road

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Hotel Review – Zenji Hotel – Zanzibar


I was lucky enough to travel to Zanzibar when I was 14 with my Local youth work organisation. We were working with a school in Tanzania but on one of our free weekends we travelled to its neighbouring principality to explore. Now 21, my memories of Zanzibar have a lot more fuzz around the edges than makes for good travel blogging, however it should be noted that despite my trip being seven years ago Zanzibar has since remained one of my favourites and remained unbeaten on the top spot most visually beautiful places I have ever visited.(The top picture is your view from the beach facing balcony)

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