Laurie is ill :(


Apologies that there have been no updates for a while! Sadly we won’t be hearing from Laurie for a while because she is ill but I have seen her and I know that she wants me to continue with the blog so that when she is better she can return to an even better blog!

So I will be the best friend that I am and will continue on with our amazing travel blog. In better news on Wednesday, I will be flying to Norway and turns out I will also be going to Kazakstan this summer so there are many interesting stories in store.



Turkish Bath in Turkey

On one of the days in Turkey, me and my grandmother decided to go and get a Turkish Bath. I didn’t even know what one was before and I’m sure she didn’t either. A minivan came and picked us up and our hotel and took us to a spa located next to a beautiful mosque.

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We went in and sat in a waiting area for a small amount of time then we were led to a changing room and told to change into our swimming costumes. After being changed we were led to some showers where we showered and were led into a small heated Turkish bathroom where we were lathered with foam.

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We then showered again and were led to another room where we received a massage. I was only about 15 and I remember that the massage was so ticklish and I was laughing throughout. My grandmother pretty much fell asleep. The masseur was very patient and expressed no signs of annoyance at my constant laughter and movement. The whole experience lasted a total of 2 hours at most since it was a long time ago some details may have evaded me. But it was lovely and I would jump at the opportunity to do a Turkish bath again.

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Shaneka Knight


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Poverty and Privilege: The McDonaldization of Airlines


On my recent visit to Gatwick airport to fly to Malta I came across my first luggage check in for an EasyJet flight. I had used a self-check-in for cabin baggage before but have never done it for hold luggage.


It got me thinking about the future and where airlines were going. By not having check-in desks, the staffs who run them are no longer needed and the people who replace them can be paid less as the job they are carrying out is less skilled. The people hired to work around the self-check in tills, were largely managing the lines, directing to free check in tills and helping people use the till if they are facing difficulties. Working on a check in till you need language, interpersonal, and conflict management skills. You develop in areas which are attractive to employers and can be utilised in other roles. There is also the question of job fulfilment, standing for hours on end will have physical effects on the till worker, so certain aspects of the role such as having a chair to sit on are being removed. Career advancement prospects are higher for check in desks workers then check out till workers, one job carries more status than the other, and skilled labour is being replaced by skilled machines which are supervised by unskilled labout who in turn can be paid less saving airlines money.

Over time the tills will save EasyJet money, and many other airlines will follow suit. The theory of the McDonaldization of Societ was developed by George Ritzer and he argued businesses and parts of society are constantly seeking to be efficient through calcubility, predictability, and control. These machines standardise the check in procedure and will become increasingly predictable as more airlines use them. Companies who value customer service will still keep check-in desks, and the employment which ensures the running of these desks. But those who want to become cost effect will use tills.

I was of the opinion that this would mostly affect poor countries where multiple forms of employment are needed. Then I realised it was bad in every country because it removes career opportunities. Have you seen anything like this? I will keep an eye out for more McDonaldization.

Shaneka Knight


First Trip to the Netherlands

This trip took place in July 2014. On our first trip to the Netherlands, we flew in from Germany after having spent some time in Berlin. When we emerged into Amsterdam Schipol it was a bustling modern airport in comparison to Berlin Schönefeld Airport which we had flown out of. We got a train to our hotel The Student Hotel which we have a review of.

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Accommodation Review: Riad Alkaderi, Morroco

After spending our first night in Morroco at By Hotel, Laurie and I then moved onto Riad Alkaderi located in the middle of the medina. A young man directed us to the Riad, and we had to knock and ring the bell a few times before we gained access to the Riad. When we entered a young man directed us to a seating area where we were served tea and given snacks. I asked during this time if I should pay and was told no that we pay at the end of our trip.

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Hotel Review: By Hotel, Morroco

When we pulled up at the By Hotel, it was on a back street with building works taking place on the building next to it. There is a metal detector placed at the entrance so when you walk in or out it goes off like you’ve stolen from a shop. The reception desk is on the right once you walk in, Laurie and I checked in easily and then we went up to our room. Continue reading “Hotel Review: By Hotel, Morroco”