Norway…. What a surprise!

My trip to Norway was full of surprises but all in all, it was amazing. I flew from Gatwick to Norway at 11 am on a Norweigan Air flight. I fell asleep for most of the flight and it was comfortable so I really cannot complain.

When I landed, I got through customs quickly and found Harald. Harald lives in Norway, so we traveled down to the Laerdal area. I honestly assumed we were going straight to the hotel (a 2-hour drive from the airport), but Harald had already planned for us to go indoor skydiving. So we stopped off at … and got to it, I’ve never actually gone outdoor skydiving but this was difficult!

Once we left we still had quite a long drive, and we got to the hotel……. quite late. We dropped off our bags and then went to …… to eat dinner. The dinner wasn’t that great, I got a small cheeseburger and chips. The burger wasn’t really on point, the chips were crinkly, and the place didn’t sell alcohol. By this point, I really wanted a beer, but the only beer I would drink during my 4 days in Norway would be non-alcoholic.

The next day we woke up early and went for breakfast. After breakfast, we traveled to ……. to go hiking. At first, the hike was amazing, the views were honestly like no other. We even stopped at a small cafe mid-hike for a hot chocolate, and quick relaxation But, I was fooled into a false sense of security. Once we left the cafe the hike got much harder, over rockity bridges,

Shaneka Knight


Accomodation Review: The Greenwich Farmhouse, Malta.

Placement year, whilst enjoyable, was one of the longest years for me. So I decided I was going to spend my 22nd birthday abroad. I began looking for villas abroad (which was obviously one of the most enjoyable things for me) and quickly found The Greenwich Farmhouse on trip advisor. I didn’t book it initially but when it finally came it booking I was glad to see that the villa was still free on the days I wanted. Peter, the owner of the villa, was extremely friendly and also prompt with responses, and Angie, the housekeeper, was an angel who would aid us throughout the trip.

View from my balcony.

I was the first one to arrive at the villa and called Angie who arrived in about 5 minutes to let me in. I choose what I deemed to be the best room, on the top floor and began scouting out the place. It was made up of 3 floors. The ground floor, with the swimming pool upon entrance, and an open living room, kitchen and ground floor bathroom. The second floor had two bedrooms one ensuite, both with balconys, and a seperate bathroom with a shower. The top floor was where my bedroom was situated with a ensuite, and a large balcony.  I loved the look of the villa, it was this lovely limestone material throughout and the kitchen was fully stocked so we could cook tasty meals.


Laurie’s room, there was a cot in the room at the time.



Stephanie’s room, the ensuite is behind.


Now the villa wasn’t on mainland Malta but Gozo, the second most inhabited land in Malta. So once I got to Malta, I got a taxi to the port and then got a ferry to Gozo. The ferry is free to go to Gozo, and then you pay on the way back to come back to Malta, something I completely wasn’t expecting. But after long days of travelling the villa was just perfect, it was clean and big enough. It was also nice to be free of the hassle of cleaners, and concierge staff which you find in hotels.


My room.


I only had about an hour and a bit in the villa before I had to run back to mainland Malta to pick up Stephanie from the airport. Laurie would arrive around 3 am, obviously, Stephanie and I was still wide awake drinking wine, she got a real soldier welcome. The day after my birthday we went to Comino, and then we decided to come home and spend some time playing around in the pool before the sun went down.


All in all, it was a wonderful villa and I would recommend staying at this villa. To book this villa yourself check it out here: 

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How I’ve ended up deciding to go to Kazakhstan

Greg next to me in Yerevan Airport

Since September 2016 I have been meaning to go and meet up with my friend Greg in Belgium. But I haven’t been able to make it yet since the final year of university has been so busy and full on, that a trip to Brussels just wasn’t feasible. But Greg is ultra understanding and was still interested in booking a holiday with me, we met last summer in Armenia and wanted to try another country which had experienced communist rule; Kazakhstan. he’s already booked his ticket so all that’s needed is for me to book mine. We’re going from the 21st of July to the 1st of August, and I can’t wait to step foot into the dictatorship. I’ve already looked at tickets and the cheapest ones force me to stop in either Minsk, Belarus or Moscow, Russia, so I also get to explore the airports in these two countries which actually scare me! I’m leaning more towards Minsk, Belarus because I have quite a few Belarusian friends.

If you haven’t already check out this Ben Zand BBC Three dictatorland documentary on Kazakhstan:

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Laurie is ill :(

13975_10203202667280779_2782496676660889211_nApologies that there have been no updates for a while! Sadly we won’t be hearing from Laurie for a while because she is ill but I have seen her and I know that she wants me to continue with the blog so that when she is better she can return to an even better blog!

So I will be the best friend that I am and will continue on with our amazing travel blog. In better news on Wednesday, I will be flying to Norway and turns out I will also be going to Kazakstan this summer so there are many interesting stories in store.



Turkish Bath in Turkey

On one of the days in Turkey, me and my grandmother decided to go and get a Turkish Bath. I didn’t even know what one was before and I’m sure she didn’t either. A minivan came and picked us up and our hotel and took us to a spa located next to a beautiful mosque. We went in and sat in a waiting area for a small amount of time then we were led to a changing room and told to change into our swimming costumes. After being changed we were led to some showers where we showered and were led into a small heated Turkish bathroom where we were lathered with foam.

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Poverty and Privilege: The McDonaldization of Airlines

On my recent visit to Gatwick airport to fly to Malta I came across my first luggage check in for an EasyJet flight. I had used a self-check-in for cabin baggage before but have never done it for hold luggage.

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First Trip to the Netherlands

This trip took place in July 2014. On our first trip to the Netherlands, we flew in from Germany after having spent some time in Berlin. When we emerged into Amsterdam Schipol it was a bustling modern airport in comparison to Berlin Schönefeld Airport which we had flown out of. We got a train to our hotel The Student Hotel which we have a review of.

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