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Welcome to P(dot)TRAVELS, this is a travel blog created by Shaneka Knight & Laurie Fitzgerald.

Shaneka and Laurie met when they were put into the same form in Maria Fidelis Convent School. At the age of 11, neither knew they had met their future travel partner. In 2013, at the age of 18 the girls (part of a group of 11) went on their first holiday abroad to the party destination of Ayia Napa, and then onto Athens.

Since then both girls have gone on to travel extensively but have always pondered the question “Are we able to travel because we’re privileged?” Ask either of us and we will tell you we don’t feel financially free, and regularly struggle to stay on budget. But are we in poverty? Can poverty travel? That depend’s on who you ask. Have low-cost flights, and budget hotels made travel accessible to all? These are the questions we will be considering throughout our blog posts.

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      1. Eeek, I could see how that would be expensive. How about we let you know if we’re in the Americas, and you let us know if you’re in Europe 😀

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  1. For us it is about priorities. We tend to think of expenses in the terms of what travel related thing we could do. Do we want to go out to eat here or save the money for two meals in Portugal. Do we really need this “thing” or would we rather spend a night in Italy.


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