Norway…. What a surprise!

My trip to Norway was full of surprises but all in all, it was amazing. I flew from Gatwick to Norway at 11 am on a Norweigan Air flight. I fell asleep for most of the flight and it was comfortable so I really cannot complain.

When I landed, I got through customs quickly and found Harald. Harald lives in Norway, so we traveled down to the Laerdal area. I honestly assumed we were going straight to the hotel (a 2-hour drive from the airport), but Harald had already planned for us to go indoor skydiving. So we stopped off at … and got to it, I’ve never actually gone outdoor skydiving but this was difficult!

Once we left we still had quite a long drive, and we got to the hotel……. quite late. We dropped off our bags and then went to …… to eat dinner. The dinner wasn’t that great, I got a small cheeseburger and chips. The burger wasn’t really on point, the chips were crinkly, and the place didn’t sell alcohol. By this point, I really wanted a beer, but the only beer I would drink during my 4 days in Norway would be non-alcoholic.

The next day we woke up early and went for breakfast. After breakfast, we traveled to ……. to go hiking. At first, the hike was amazing, the views were honestly like no other. We even stopped at a small cafe mid-hike for a hot chocolate, and quick relaxation But, I was fooled into a false sense of security. Once we left the cafe the hike got much harder, over rockity bridges,

Shaneka Knight


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