Turkish Bath in Turkey

On one of the days in Turkey, me and my grandmother decided to go and get a Turkish Bath. I didn’t even know what one was before and I’m sure she didn’t either. A minivan came and picked us up and our hotel and took us to a spa located next to a beautiful mosque. We went in and sat in a waiting area for a small amount of time then we were led to a changing room and told to change into our swimming costumes. After being changed we were led to some showers where we showered and were led into a small heated Turkish bathroom where we were lathered with foam.

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We then showered again and were led to another room where we received a massage. I was only about 15 and I remember that the massage was so ticklish and I was laughing throughout. My grandmother pretty much fell asleep. The masseur was very patient and expressed no signs of annoyance at my constant laughter and movement. The whole experience lasted a total of 2 hours at most since it was a long time ago some details may have evaded me. But it was lovely and I would jump at the opportunity to do a Turkish bath again.

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Shaneka Knight


**photos not owned by me.

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