First Trip to the Netherlands

This trip took place in July 2014. On our first trip to the Netherlands, we flew in from Germany after having spent some time in Berlin. When we emerged into Amsterdam Schipol it was a bustling modern airport in comparison to Berlin Schönefeld Airport which we had flown out of. We got a train to our hotel The Student Hotel which we have a review of.


Having settled down into our room we were eager to get out and see the city. Our flight had been delayed so we had already missed out on a few hours. We were located quite far out so for a while we strolled around the area seeing parks and then we ventured closer into the centre of the city. The first thing we came across when walking into the city was the coffee shop, so we went in bought some goods, and found a park to relax and see what it was like.

We then strolled deeper into the city centre and appreciated the canals. Both of us were taken back by the beauty of the city. We then found another coffee shop in the city centre (they aren’t hard to find) and decided to compare what they had with the other ship. This is when we realised coffee shop prices are much higher in the centre than on the outskirts.

We explored the canals more and then went for dinner.


The next day we woke up and went for breakfast. Smoked some more in the park, and explored the city. We managed to find some tasty cheese places.



Laurie and I didn’t take many pictures on our first trips to the Netherlands, or anywhere for that matter and recalling this trip highlights that. We took no pictures after the first two days, and maybe banning your phone is a good thing. But because we don’t have pictures there are many things we did and places we went which weren’t captured. We stayed two days and most of it isn’t captured.

Another thing to highlight is that we weren’t particularly balling during this trip so there were many places we couldn’t go to due to financial restraints. We’ve both been to the Netherlands since and since we travel so much I’m sure soon we will go back and see the things we didn’t see before. What was your first trip to the Netherlands like?

Shaneka Knight


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