Greece, our first experience wasn’t great :(

I have always loved Greek Mythology and I still have a great surge to travel Greece and discover what the country has to offer. But, my first experiences with Greece were tainted by a few things.


This was the first time Laurie and I had ever gone away, and both times were overnights before and after our girls holiday in Ayia Napa. On our first overnight stay, we got to the country quite late so we decided to just catch a taxi, Our hotel was really close by and it took about 15 minutes so we assumed it would cost 30euros max. Our taxi driver insisted we paid 40euros, so we did, but that was a very expensive taxi for such a short trip.


The next day we were looking for a park and everyone we asked as trying to get us to jump in a taxi. Neither of us wanted to pay for an expensive taxi again but eventually, someone decided to give us directions. The park turned out to be literally around the corner, when I look back at times like this I don’t know why we hadn’t realised Google maps is your best friend when abroad. But we started to feel like everyone was trying to make us spend money, luckily after this, we managed to get one of the tastiest Kebabs I have ever had. I recommend Kebab in turkey.



The final thing which irritated me was at the airport a waitress was really rude to me for no reason. She completely dismissed me when I tried to order an iced coffee for Laurie. In the end, Laurie went up and had to order it for herself and the whole situation left a bad taste in our mouths. Even having some unwelcoming experiences I still want to go back to Greece, I had a transfer through Greece on my way home from Armenia and it was smooth and enjoyable. There is too much history which I have to engage with. Finger crossed next time will be the time of a lifetime 🙂

Shaneka Knight


2 thoughts on “Greece, our first experience wasn’t great :(

  1. That’s a real shame that so many things went wrong. Greece can be so lovely. I’d definitely recommend trying it again soon, with Google maps too haha! Hopefully the next time will be better


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