Accommodation Review: Riad Alkaderi, Morroco

After spending our first night in Morroco at By Hotel, Laurie and I then moved onto Riad Alkaderi located in the middle of the medina. A young man directed us to the Riad, and we had to knock and ring the bell a few times before we gained access to the Riad. When we entered a young man directed us to a seating area where we were served tea and given snacks. I asked during this time if I should pay and was told no that we pay at the end of our trip.


After a short while, we were directed to our suite which was on the first floor and overlooked the seating area where we had just relaxed. We absolutely loved the room.





We stayed at the hotel for 3 nights, and we absolutely loved it. It was the perfect place to escape the hectic environment of the Medina. We enjoyed breakfast and lovely chilled sessions on the rooftop.




Overall this hotel gets a 9/10, it would have gotten a 10/10 if we had been able to get a Hamman and if a bird hadn’t flown into our room and poopped on the bed.




Shaneka Knight


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