Hamman in Marrakech


I knew I wanted a Haman before I set off to Marrakech. Laurie and I initially thought we could just go in and book but we quickly found out that you had to book before so that everything could be set up. We didn’t book that day but in the morning we went to Palais Khum and booked one for the evening.


We returned at around 3:30 for our Hamman and were taken to a seating area, served tea and sweets, The hospitality was amazing and music was put on to make us more comfortable, the interior of the hotel/spa was beautiful.


After 30 minutes we were fetched for our Hamman where a young lady was waiting for us. She spoke little English but she was welcoming and lovely. We hadn’t been sure how the Hamman would work, but instantly she indicated we should get naked. We have never been naked together but we figured bonding comes in various forms. Naked, with slippers on we were led into a heated room where we were made to shower individually and were rubbed with some black soap. As there was only one woman we had to go one by one, We then laid down on a tiled slab and were scrubbed from head to toe. It was the most intense exfoliation I had ever experienced, at times it could be abit painful but you are constantly rewashed with warm water, and it only lasts about 15 minutes.



After this, we were showered and given dressing gowns to dry off. We both wanted some oil to moisturise but none was available, so we sprinted back to the riad! All in all, it was lovely and I would recommend a Hammam.


Shaneka Knight


*all pictures owned by me.

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