When life gives you lemons make Lemonade

I haven’t even completed my destinations for 2017, but I am already thinking about where I will travel and what I will do after that. I have decided once I complete all of the destinations outlined in this post ‘Where will I travel in 2017?‘. that I will take on a challenge which I have named ‘Touching on Europe’. The point of the challenge is to allow me to touch on all the countries of Europe before deciding which ones I want to see more in depth, for example  I already know I want to travel throughout all of Italy just from seeing Rome. The aim will be to travel to one city or town for a few days, then deciding whether I want to see that country more in depth in the upcoming years.

Where will I need to see?

  1. Switzerland
  2. Poland
  3. Sweden
  4. Spain
  5. Portugal
  6. Iceland
  7. Finland
  8. Romania
  9. Hungary
  10. Denmark
  11. Bulgaria
  12. Czech Republic
  13. Monaco
  14. Slovenia
  15. Serbia
  16. Vatican City
  17. Albania
  18. Lithuania
  19. Belarus
  20. Montenegro
  21. Estonia
  22. Moldova
  23. Slovakia
  24. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  25. Kosovo
  26. Latvia
  27. San Marino
  28. Macedonia
  29. Liechtenstein
  30. Andorra
  31. Gibraltar
  32. Faroe Islands
  33. Isle of Man
  34. Northern Ireland
  35. Wales
  36. Jersey
  37. Svalbard and Jan Mayen
  38. Aland Islands

That’s 36 countries I will have to get through to see all of Europe, challenge accepted. I’m looking to start this challenge before 2018 so stay tuned.


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