Norway is Booked!

Norway is booked!

The year is moving at a weirdly speedy rate already. Last week Laurie was in Portugal, this week Laurie and I will be travelling to Morocco, shortly after that we will be going to Malta with Stephanie, the day after we get back Laurie will be flying off to Gambia, and then in June, I will be flying off to Norway.

We feel blessed to have so many travel experiences in such a short amount of time. Usually our travels are in the summer or winter but this year it seems we will have the chance to travel throughout the seasons. I’ll be going to Bergen, Norway to hike and experience the culture. My friend who lives out there booked me a ticket, and is kind enough to let me stay at their house J since Scotland I haven’t travelled to stay with someone so I’m really excited! On top of that, this is the first friend to ever buy me a holiday, there are no words to describe how it feels.

Since receiving my tickets I’ve decided the top 5 things I want to do

Shaneka Knight


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