Poverty & Priviledge: LGBT Persons


The world really can be your oyster if you’re straight. We live in a heteronormative world where we are fed heterosexual dreams such as settling down with a partner of the opposite sex and raising a happy family. The presence and increasingly public LGBT community help exemplify how the world isn’t always accepting of people who aren’t the mainstream sexual orientation. I led a presentation 2 weeks ago, on Homophobia in Jamaica, examining its growth throughout history and how much of the homophobia is grounded in ideology. Along the way, I came across countries which wouldn’t allow LGBT persons into the country, possibly they feel that sexual orientation is contagious? It’s not. But it opened my eyes once again to another aspect of privilege. As a straight person, I never feel my sexual orientation restricts where I can travel in the world. Yes, I know if I’m in Dubai public affection is frowned upon. But other than that, nothing regarding my orientation goes through my mind. I want to list the countries below who won’t allow LGBT persons to enter the country for one reason or another:

  • Bahrain
  • Belize
  • Kuwait
  • Omar
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • UAE

Now that isn’t to say as an LGBT person you will be denied access to these countries off the bat but they do have mechanisms in place. Now it is my view that sexual orientation is ungovernable, which means these governments are really setting themselves up to fail. How do they intend to keep every LGBTQI person out of the country? I’m sure also, that they will stereotype females assuming they are straight, but attempt to be vigilant on men. I am also sure that there are probably way more countries on this list, currently 76 countries ban homosexuality. In some countries, the crime is punishable by death. But it Is these countries above who supposedly attempt to find out once you enter the country. This is a big topic, shortened into a bite size chunk. But let me know, what do you think?

Shaneka Knight


(photo not owned by me)

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