Where I’m Travelling this April

This March/ April  I am excited to say I will travelling to 4 different countries in 2 different continents. As someone who loves to travel, I am excited beyond belief and exceedingly privileged for these opportunities. Alongside that, however, I feel apprehension at the exhausting amount of movement in such a short time and also really proud of the role I played in getting those opportunities.

To lay some context:

 20-26th of March I will be in Faro, Portugal


This will be my first all expenses paid work trip so I’m feeling all sorts of excitement, professionalism and privilege. It is so I can partake in a very cool International Erasmus+ project called PatHERways – That is bringing together organisations form 7 countries to create better ways through Youthwork  of increasing  the political participation of young women… exciting stuff!!!

31st of March-4th of April I will be in Marrakesh, Morocco 


This trip is going to be my first real Travel experience that wasn’t work related since 2014. It is a 21st Birthday present from someone I am truly blessed to know and pdot partner in crime ….Shaneka!!!!! Love her so much but yes soo excited to explore this African city and check off my Third African Nation!

 10th- 14th of April I will be in Malta  


This is a double trouble trip again with Shaneka but instead celebrating her birthday I am looking forward to having a great time with my friends Shaneka and Stephanie. Cant wait for  relaxation and adventure here enjoying the amazing sights sounds and smells from this island.

15th of April-1st of May I will be in Banjul, Gambia 


(Yes you read those last two right my plane comes in on the 14th in the afternoon and by 6:30 am the next day I’m in Gambia >.<)

I am excited about this trip more then most I can’t lie I am so privileged to be able to work here in Gambia supporting the personal and professional development of a community here. I first went to Gambia in 2015 and the place has a true place in my heart. I hope to live there for a substantial amount of time someday. I have some true friends here and have not seen them in a year, so cannot wait to see them all again!!


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