Hotel Review: Julian Club Hotel, Marmaris

A charity was kind enough to gift this holiday to my family, as a present for the caring role my grandmother had to take on once my mother died. We didn’t get to choose the time of year we went, and it ended up being in term time in October. This did not make me mad, I got to miss school for a holiday? Yaaaasssss. When we arrived in Turkey I had no idea what to expect, at 15 I wasn’t the most clued up on current events so I didn’t think Turkey was dangerous, it’s fair to say I viewed the country as no different from France or Spain.


We got a coach from the airport to Club Julian, and it let us out right at the entrance of the hotel. Once we jumped off and gathered our luggage doormen helped us gather our bags and after we checked in they carried them to our room. The hotel was quite large, they had indoor and outdoor seating areas for food. We were full board so we got Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and snacks, ice cream, and drinks throughout the day. Honestly, some of the best hotel food I’ve ever eaten. I would do bad things just to eat that pilaf again. The hotel had free computers to use, a spa, and a pool. My grandmother and I didn’t make much use of these facilities because we went out in Marmaris most of the time.




The rooms were nicely sized, we had one double bed and two singles. I slept in the single bed and it was comfy. Even though it was mid-November the climate was mild with the sun shining daily so thick duvets weren’t needed, it only rained once for maybe an hour whilst we were there. The shower was attached to the bath, and we had a lovely balcony which overlooked the pool. Even though the hotel was quite busy, the rooms were quiet so there was no worry about not getting a long sleep. The rooms at the hotel have been renovated and are now much nicer (still loved the old rooms) but I picked the cheapest room to show. Please note this is not the room I stayed in


Even though I can’t remember all the details I know for sure I would stay again in Club Julian again as it was such a lovely trip. Apologies as this isn’t as in-depth as some of the other reviews, I’m working on memories from a holiday nearly 7 years ago if you’ve been to turkey, what hotel should I go to next?

Shaneka Knight


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