Hotel Review: Kaos Hotel Apartments, Ayia Napa


This was the first hotel that Laurie and I ever booked together, and we weren’t alone. Eleven of us girls went on a group holiday to Ayia Napa, and this is honestly where it all started. We got lucky with this hotel. The other girls stayed in River Reggae, a hotel which had a club attached that opened at 4 am. But I’ll save that for another review. Laurie and I wanted to stay in a hotel which didn’t have reviews saying you could get Chlamydia in the pool.




We booked coaches into our Ayia Napa trip so we got dropped off at the hotel from the airport. You enter at a gravel carpark with the reception separate from the apartments on the right. We went in and got our keys easily. We were extremely lucky it wasn’t some small hotel room, it was an apartment! You can see this spoilt us, even if it was barely furnished we felt we had got value for money. The hotel didn’t have a restaurant but the area was filled with restaurants. Our beds were close together, but our bedroom was attached to a medium sized balcony where we would smoke our cigarettes throughout the day. There was a living room with two sofas and a coffee table. The kitchen was filled with cups, pans, cups, and plates so you could cook all you wanted. We only cooked noodles is my memory is right.


One issue we did have was with ants. But honestly, we were 18-year-old girls, and there were sugary snacks lying all around (forgive us).  We bought sweets along because we assumed there might not be food available……stupid thought process. There were times when our family couldn’t get through to us, they would call the hotel, and the hotel would come and get us, so they are fully accommodating. The hotel is down the road from the main strip, about 4 minutes but you can still get a strong night sleep. Alcohol may have played a role in this.


Why does it get a 7/10? Because this hotel doesn’t try to provide luxury, but it ends up being better than most hotels which others would think are out of its range. For a party location, this is perfect without breaking the bank. We would both recommend not going to the Asian restaurant opposite on the same side as the bank (if it’s still there) it just wasn’t worth it. Currently, the hotel is under renovation creating 4 luxury villas, with private swimming pools, and garages. I would love to see what they are like.


Shaneka Knight


*photos not owned by me.

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