Places to Visit in the UK other than London

London, being the capital city, is obviously a popular location in the UK but there are many other gorgeous locations which are worth a visit. Other than being amazing locations in themselves these locations also provide a cheaper alternative to London, and many are much less busy. In alphabetical order, the list is not in order of preference.


Laurie’s university city and home for two years, I had the luxury of coming to visit and staying for long periods of time. This location provides a bustling nightlife thanks to the large student populations from Brighton and Sussex University. I secured a place to study Sociology at Brighton but that didn’t happen. Brighton holds one of the most popular gay pride in the whole of the UK, and it’s something I still must experience! I recommend going from May-September, the fringe festival takes place for the whole of May. Things to see and do: The Pavilion, the pier, and a BBQ at the beach.





The European Capital of 2015 Bristol was one of the main cities to benefit from the Transatlantic Slave Trade. There are countless locations where you can learn more about this history such as Queen Square, The Georgian House, and the City Museum and Art Gallery. This beautiful city straddles the River Avon and I would recommend going at any time of the year, it has a large student population but can provide a historical, party, or cultural trip because of its sheer diversity.



The steep capital city of Scotland reminds me of London literally everywhere but it isn’t. You’ll see countless kilt shops, but one of the highlights is climbing to Arthur’s Seat. I recommend going in Summer unless you can handle the cold. Don’t go to the camera obscura, it’s for children. But do go to the Botanical Garden, the National Museum of Scotland, and the Edinburgh Castle, where you can see maps of the city 100’s of years ago.



Edinburgh's Historic Royal Mile


Not the capital city of Scotland but nonetheless a spot to visit. Glasgow provides a flatter terrain in most places than Edinburgh, which is great if you’re like me and can’t really live the hilly life forever. Home to two universities the city never sleeps is easy to navigate, with a beautiful Scottish vibe. I prefer Glasgow to Edinburgh, the city is less packed, cheaper, and has a more relaxed vibe. Expect to see Scottish independence rally.




My favourite beach location in the UK, I have some fond childhood memories in Hastings. Literally straight down from Brighton pier Hastings provides a quiet alternative to bustling Brighton. I recommend walking across the beach early morning or evening when there’s hardly anyone around. I also recommend going to the Jerwood Gallery, Hastings Castle, obviously gets a fish and chips, and the Miniature Railway. This isn’t one of the UK’s most popular locations but there is much to do.





Home to Manchester University, the university I originally wanted to go to. Manchester is one of the UK’s fastest growing economies. It also is home to Canal Street, one of the largest gay areas in the UK outside of London’s Soho. The city is a good location for clubbing I recommend going to the Museum of Science and Industry, the National Football Museum, and Manchester Museum. It wouldn’t be possible to see all of Manchester in one visit, but this is a location which is busy all year round.






Home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world established in the 12th century, it should be no surprise that Oxford would make this list. One of the key locations in the making of Harry Potter this quaint town is not only picturesque but will take you to another Britain. There always tends to be tourists in Oxford, though much less than in London.





A city in the North of England, this place is perfect for a historical retreat or a nature trip. Many time periods are evident in the area such as; the Romans, the Normans, the Industrial Revolution, and the Vikings. Make sure to visit the Yorkshire Dales, the National Railway Museum, and the Jorvik Viking Centre.




I hope you appreciate the recommendations put forward, let us know if you’ve already been to any!

Shaneka Knight


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