Hotel Review: The Student Hotel, Amsterdam.


When Laurie and I arrived in Amsterdam flying in from Berlin we instantly just wanted to drop off our bags and go and explore this beautiful city. We attempted to walk to our hotel (it wasn’t supposed to be far away) but when this proved too difficult we just jumped on the Metro.¬†When we walked in it seemed that the buildings were well positioned with the reception/restaurants located in the centre. We initially had issues with the receptionist but eventually, this was sorted and we were left to find out room.

The location is supposed to have the energy and spontaneity of a university campus, but the comfort of a boutique hotel. It is lively but probably 2star service. when we walked into the block where out room was it absolutely stunk! It smelt stale, dirty, and rotten. We joked that we were living on a farm. We soon discovered the source of the issue. At this hotel, you can live as a student, a short/long term guest, or work at the hotel. All of the rooms are allocated a shared kitchen but the kitchen is only cleaned on a monthly basis which inevitably led to a foul odour due to the build up of rubbish and gone off food.




The First Room we stayed in.



The Second room we stayed in.


The Kitchen closest to our room was absolutely filthy, it seemed some guests had come, made a mess, then simply left. There was nothing in place to stop guests from doing this. But it completely ruined the vibe of the bedrooms which were lovely, modern, and minimalist. The duvets were nice, and the shower also. A few days into the trip we asked to be moved to a different room in a different block. This block smelt a little less bad, but the kitchen was still dirty, and the room was a downgrade. If you are staying at this hotel spend as much time outside as you can, but because of the smell, I will always stay somewhere else.

Shaneka Knight


*Photos not owned by me.

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