Hotel Review: The Ritz, Vienna

I was in Vienna, Austria this October to partake in a youth work forum on hate speech which is on the rise throughout Europe. I stayed one night at the Ritz, Vienna which I will continue to describe in this blog post. I would like to highlight I do travel quite often but don’t really stay in popular luxury hotels, so this was pretty cool for me! I arrived in Vienna quite early and quickly got in a taxi to drive to the hotel. The hotel was on a lovely cobbly road and as soon as I exited the taxi one of the lovely boys by the door ran over to help me with my bags. It’s next to the main road but the view is slightly obstructed by trees, even when you see the road the view is simply stunning. I checked in and easily found my room.

The hallways were wide and once I entered the room I was initially stunned. It was nicely spacious and equipped with pretty much everything; dressing gowns, slippers, a variety of teas, a coffee making machine, etc. the television is located directly across from the bed and picks up channels from a variety of countries. The room was immaculately clean (but with the price tag attached you sort of expect it), the bed was soooooo comfy. The sheets were super thick, and the pillows were plump. The bedroom has quite a traditional feel but the bathroom was extremely modern. In Vienna, you can smoke inside but I’m not sure if I did in this room.

When you walk into the bathroom there is a bathtub to the right with a mirror on top, right ahead there is a basin and large mirror, and to the right were an enclosed shower and an enclosed toilet. I loved the room. I didn’t eat in the hotel so I can’t tell you what the foods like but I did have an amazing sleep, I even woke up and early and decided to go back to sleep it was that good.

This destination is definitely reserved for those with a bit more cash, dare I say privileged? But if you want an expensive comfy experience in Vienna, go for this. If you’ve been let me know what you think in the comments?




Shaneka Knight

Instagram: @shanekaakknight

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