Where will I travel in 2017?

I’m extremely excited to travel this year, I feel that I always come back refreshed with my mind in better focus. Below are the 7 destinations I plan to explore in 2017, if this all works out it would be a great year!

1)      Marrakech, Morocco

A metropolitan city in the Kingdom of Morocco, this will be my first taste of Africa. I had initially wanted to go to Egypt but somehow got drawn to Marrakech, I don’t know how this happened but it may have something to do with the stability of Morocco. This is the holiday I treated Laurie to for her birthday. We’re going to get Hamman, ride camels, see the gardens, and of course, explore the medina.



2)      Gozo, Malta

Malta is made up of 21 different islands but only three are habituated. Goo, the island I will be staying on, shows evidence of historical immigration by the Romans, French, British, and other civilisations. Hopefully, I will be able to see all 3 of the habituated islands Gozo, Comino, and Malta. It is such a small island I should be able to see most of it but I have a certain level of apprehension about this holiday because it will be my first birthday abroad. I have booked a villa for my friends and really hope it will be amazing.



3)      Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Another small destination, smaller than two London’s put together. It’s one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe. A teeny-weeny population of less than a million. I regret not having gone to this country earlier having spent extensive time in Amsterdam, Belgium & France. How did I not go to Luxembourg for a day? In pictures, it looks beautifully picturesque and I wonder if it will manage to be just as stunning in real life. I expect this to be a relaxing holiday, with not much clubbing, but long charming walks.



4)      Dubrovnik, Croatia

Since my first European tour with Laurie I have been craving another euro tour, this time hoping to see more of southern Europe. Twice, I have developed routes which I want to take. TWICE, I have faced obstacles. Croatia is always on my tour, and my last two developed tours have begun in Dubrovnik. Even if I can’t go on my complete euro tour I want to see the beginning. I am really excited for this trip, it will only be 4 days but it is another solo trip so stay tuned!



5)      Bergen, Norway

My first taste of Scandinavia, I’m not sure what to expect. I will go hiking for sure, and taste some Scandinavian food, and is I have some time venture to the capital, Oslo. But this is one country where I have no expectations and I’m even slightly worried I may not even like the country.



6)      Dublin, Ireland

As a British young lady, the extensive history Britain has with Ireland attracts me to this country. Laurie has already been to this country, and I bet we spend loads of time in the pub 😉 I have no doubt Dublin will be amazing. This will be the second trip me and Laurie take this year and I assume since she’s of Irish descent she will take the reins with this one.



7)      ?

Last year I went to Armenia without knowing anything about the country and it was amazing! This year I want to continue the trend of going somewhere completely random by going with the flow and just flying off in summer. I assume it will be somewhere in Europe or Asia, but who knows right now.

This year I want to explore Europe more touching on the places I feel I’ve missed out on, and reaching into continents like Africa that I dearly want to see more of. What do you think of the places I’m travelling to? I feel lucky going to these locations, some of them (Croatia, Ireland, Norway) are cheap returns from the UK. But I’ve booked Marrakech and Malta already this year and they were quite pricey, so if you’re a struggling traveller and haven’t been to other cheap locations go there! If I can actually go to all of these places it would be a privilege but i’ll have to see what time brings.

Shaneka Knight

Instagram: @shanekaakknight

31 thoughts on “Where will I travel in 2017?

  1. This is a great list! I hit Dubrovnik this past Fall and it was so amazing. If you have time I recommend some other spots in Croatia as well – Plitvice Lakes, Zagreb, Krka National Park. Also, if you can get to Bosnia, Sarajevo is mind-blowing. Here’s a link ot one of our Croatia blog posts – it has links to the whole trip if you’re interested in diving in. https://topochinesvino.com/2016/11/06/ive-a-feeling-were-not-in-croatia-anymore/


    1. That’s great 🙂 which place was your favourite? Armenia was amazing, I would recommend. Amazing food, people, history and night life.


      1. Of the places you mentioned I have been to Marrakesh, Dubrovnik and Dublin.
        Dublin just a few months ago. I wrote about it in my travel blog and illustrated it with pictures in case you want to have a look.


        Marrakesh was very colorful and exotic. Photographers paradise really. I was not a big fan of the food but the places were super interesting. I would like to go back.

        Dubrovnik is gorgeous, especially in the summer. The water is so incredibly crystal clear, amazing. Also lovely to walk around at night.

        (Made a day trip to Bosnia Herzegovina, Mostar, and to Montenegro too. Both I would recommend.)

        And Dublin was also very nice. I loooove the country side in Ireland. You might get some ideas when you look at my blog and if it’s just looking at the pictures.

        Do you want to know my destinations for 2017? Chile, country trip through France, Poland, Uzbekistan and St. Petersburg.

        Have been to 74 countries and adding 4 more this year.


      2. Oh wow I’ll check out the post, you’ve travelled to sooo many destinations, me and Laurie are going to check them out! I’m ultra jealous that you’re going to Uzbekistan, will it be a long holiday?

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      3. I have been to many places but I only started with my blog. So far I wrote about New York City, Paris, Dublin, China and Peru.
        We will be going for two weeks. I am super excited too. Was on our wishlist for a looong time.


      4. I haven’t been to Georgia, but I’ve got friends who live there and they love it. I would go in a heartbeat, same goes for Baku

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  2. Bergen is so charming! You can’t miss it!! There is a very cheap hostel close to the fish market, very well located (if you want to save some money, Norway has a price). It is called Bergen YMCA hostel. Just so you know. Enjoy!


  3. The idea of going somewhere I know nothing about fascinates me and makes me want to do it too. It must be quite liberating to be somewhere completely knew and just explore it. Great entry and I wish you the best of travels for 2017. Great blog, have you checked mine out?


    1. I agree 🙂 it stops you from restricting yourself, I did it for the first time last year and it changed my view on travel completely! I’ll give your blog a look.

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